Our Office

Welcome to DANY – Dermatology Associates of New York, 
 located in Harrison, New York.

We are board certified dermatologists with over ten years of experience. We are trained in all areas of dermatology, including general, 
surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. We and DANY’s staff are qualified 
to treat not only all of your dermatological conditions, but also to 
help you maintain healthy, beautiful, and younger-looking skin.

DANY’s goal is to provide the highest quality dermatological care and 
services in a comfortable, relaxed environment. We also know that 
your time is as precious as ours; therefore, we strive to serve you 
as efficiently as possible.

Dermatology Associates of New York 
has the advantage of using the most modern medical practice 
technology. Our office uses a computerized (paperless) system to 
manage patients’ accounts, which include appointment scheduling, 
medical records, and billing. As a result, we can focus on you and 
your skin care needs instead of being burdened by traditional 
administrative tasks.

We look forward to serving you and will be happy to assist 
you in any way we can.

Call to schedule an appointment:  (914) 777-1799