Acne Treatment

Acne results when tiny glands beneath the skin surface, the sebaceous glands, become clogged with sebum, an oily substance whose normal collection and excretion keeps the skin healthy. If clogged, bacteria can grow in the glands, which in turn causes swelling and pimpling on the skin’s surface. This can occur anywhere on the epidermis where there are hair follicles below the surface (the sebaceous glands are attached to these follicles), including the face, back, and neck. Acne affects adults as well as teens, but is typically more common during times of high hormonal activity like adolescence.

Acne Treatment: There are many approaches to treating acne and the scarring it often leaves behind. Treatment options include oral medications, topical creams, gels, and washes, and laser and light treatments. Drs. Kitchin and Palmer will tailor an acne treatment regimen that is right for you.